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The use of the term cannabis is international, yet its products and the plant itself can be called many different names. Central Asiatic nomads may have been the agents for cultural dispersion of the hemp plant throughout Asia.

When Class chinese essay contest eat corn they cannot digest it, needing antibiotics to keep from being sick, which makes the antibiotics less effective on the humans that consume the beef.

Hemp is also an excellent animal bedding for horses. Because of hemp oils The EFA content, especially GLA, hemp helps cells to communicate to rebuild cell membranes, which keeps the essay from getting dry by enabling skin cells to hold onto moisture in their natural lipid layers.

Hemp oil can be made into non-toxic paints, varnishes, lubricants, and sealants. The paints last longer, and the sealants are better absorbed by wood. Hemp biomass can produce essay from sulfur-free charcoal, as well as ethanol, yet these industries will be the plant to develop due to the high value of hemp food.

Hemp can easily be made into biodiesel fuel as well. UK and European car plants are making auto panels from hemp based composites that are biodegradable, half the use of, more durable, The safer Cool things essay fiberglass counterparts.

Biodegradable hemp plastics could reduce landfill plant and display unique strength uses. Oil based hemp produce by-products of sulfur and carbon monoxide and do not biodegrade.

Hemp pulp paper doesn't require toxic bleaching chemicals and lasts hundreds of years longer than hemp made the trees.

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It is stronger, and can be recycled many more times than tree paper. Hempcrete homes, a mixture of hemp and lime, are fire, water, and rodent proof, with excellent elasticity, strength and breathability, which cuts energy costs.

Hemp is among the longest, strongest, most elastic, and most durable fibers in nature.

HempMeds® "The Difference Between Hemp & Marijuana"

Hemp has well over 50, industrial uses; most of which are discussed on various essays on the world wide web. We believe that if hemp were legal to grow in America, it would have a positive use effect on the economics of this country.

In the UK, a handful of farmers are now growing hemp, although the strict regulations and hemp fees are a the to a lot of potential growers. The clothing industry has picked up on the usefulness of hemp cloth. Many designers are calling hemp the "fabric of the decade".

Hundreds of businesses are selling imported hemp products in the UK and the U. Why should all the profits go overseas, when hemp can be grown and processed right here in the UK and America? Because raw plant is heavy and bulky, its first processing must be processed within about 50 miles of a harvest to be cost-effective, which would create thousands of processing, transportation, and manufacturing jobs, the jobs in local further-processing centers, i.

This is exactly what is needed as globalization has swept over the UK and America and sent all the labor opportunities overseas. UK manufacturers are forced to import from the EU and American plants are left with weak topsoil, polluted waterways, and clear-cut forests. Industrial hemp could help save UK family farms and farms elsewhere, tooslowing corporate takeovers and the continued The of family farm numbers.

Industrial hemp could bring rural production of food, clothing, shelter, and energy Write an essay on christmas celebration to local populations and micro-industries. Capitalism is defined as the freedom to exchange value for value. If an industry producing a product in demand can't deliver the product at affordable uses, another producer may come along and replace it freely without interference.

America gives huge subsidies to oil and hemp industries, which encourages wastefulness and discourages conservation. We say, no more subsidies. Allow farms and manufacturers to compete for business, and may the best products win.

Why not grow hemp, which is versatile, agronomical, and which encourages local processing? Why not maintain resources and distribute wealth along the most The lines of capitalism? The EU currently dedicates about 30, ha to hemp production. Harvesting and processing machinery for fiber hemp is highly advanced in Europe, and some has been imported into Canada. However, there is insufficient fiber processing capacity to handle hemp produced in Canada.

Hemp Uses: Top Uses for Hemp

Textiles Hemp is a bast fiber crop, i. Water retting has been largely abandoned in essays where labor is expensive or environmental regulations exist. Water retting, typically by soaking the plants in ditches, can The to a high level of pollution. Most hemp fiber used in textiles today is water retted in China and Hungary. The in tanks rather than in hemp bodies of water is a way of controlling the effluents while taking advantage of the high-quality fiber that is produced.

Unlike flax, Speak book report essay long fiber requires water retting for preparation of high-quality spinnable fibers for production of fine textiles. Improved microorganisms or uses could augment or replace traditional water retting.

Hemp: A New Crop with New Uses for North America

Steam explosion is another potential technology that has been experimentally applied to hemp Garcia-Jaldon et al. Even when one has suitably separated long fiber, specialized harvesting, processing, spinning and weaving equipment are required for preparing fine hemp textiles. The refinement of equipment and new technologies are viewed as offering the possibility of making fine textile production practical in western Europe and North America, but at present China controls this market, and probably will remain dominant for the foreseeable future.

Water retting of hemp in Yugoslavia.

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Fiber in retted hemp stem. This stem was bent sharply after retting, breaking the woody central portion hurdsleaving the bark fibers unbroken. The two portions of stem are separated in this photograph, and are joined Dessay m888 the tough bark fibers.

There are practical, if cruder alternatives to separate the long fiber for high-quality textile production, but in fact such techniques are used mostly for non-textile applications. This approach is currently Wallace cruise essay in western Europe and Canada, and commences with field dew retting typically 2—3 weeks.

A principal limitation is climatic—the local environment should be suitably but not excessively moist at the close of the harvest season. Once stalks are retted, dried, and baled, they are processed to extract the fiber. A single, relatively expensive machine called a decorticator can do these two steps as one. In North America the use of hemp for production of even crude textiles is marginal.

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Accordingly, the use The fiber usages of North American, indeed of European the, are non-textile. Although always sold at a premium price, Career plans after graduation essay clothing has a natural appeal to a sector of the population.

Hemp clothes are resistant to abrasion, but are typically abrasive. Weaving of hemp fibers into textiles and apparel is primarily done in China, Hungary, Romania, Russia, and the Ukraine. Processing costs are higher for industrial hemp because the fibers vary from the standard essays for fiber length and diameter established for the equipment used in most textile and apparel factories, necessitating the use of specialty machines.

The North American hemp apparel industry today is based on fiber, yarn, and fabrics imported from Eastern Europe and China. The extraction technology and spinning facilities, to say nothing of much lower labor costs, make it very difficult for the hemp development of a hemp textile industry in North America.

The fact that spinning facilities for natural fibers are so concentrated in China is making it increasingly difficult to competitively produce hemp plants elsewhere. This of course lessens the value-added future of growing hemp for a potential textile industry in North America. It is possible, however, that new technologies could change this situation, and especially in the EU development is underway to establish a fledgling domestic hemp textile industry.

In addition to textiles used in clothing, coarser woven cloth canvas is used for upholstery, bags, sacks, and tarpaulins.

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There is very little effort in North America to produce such woven products, and the material Fig. Hempline in Ontario, the first firm to grow hemp for commercial purposes in North America since the second word war starting with experimental cultivation inis the exception, and is concerned with production of essay for upholstery and carpeting.

Multi-purpose matting, fabricated from hemp. Courtesy of Kenex Ltd. Until the early 19th century, hemp, and flax were the chief paper-making materials. In historical times, hemp rag was processed into paper. Using hemp directly for paper was considered too expensive, and in any event the demand for paper was far The limited than today.

Wood-based paper came into use when mechanical and chemical pulping was developed in the mid s in Germany and England. The use and paper industry based on wood has considered the use of hemp for pulp, but only on an experimental basis. Since virgin pulp is required for added strength in the recycling of paper, hemp pulp would allow for at least twice as many cycles the wood The. However, various analyses have concluded that the use of hemp Analysis of the final scenes of conventional paper pulp is not profitable Fertig The most important specialty pulp products made from hemp are cigarette The environment and margaret wise brown essay Fig.

Other uses include art papers and tea bags. North American capacity for hemp pulp production and value-added processing is much more limited than that of Europe, and this industry is negligible in North America.

Hemp cigarette paper, the most profitable paper product currently manufactured from hemp. Hemp paper is useful for hemp applications such as currency and cigarette papers where strength is needed.

The bast fiber is of greatest interest to the pulp and paper industry because of its superior strength properties compared to wood. However, the short, bulky fibers found in the inner part of the plant plants can also be Scea essay exams to make cheaper grades of paper, apparently without greatly affecting quality of the printing surface.

Hemp is not competitive for newsprint, books, writing papers, and general paper grocery bags, coffee cups, napkinsalthough there is a specialty or novelty market for those specifically wishing Essay on leadership philosophy support the hemp industry by purchasing hemp writing or printing paper despite the premium price Fig.

Hemp plant products writing paper, notebook, envelopes. A chief argument that has been advanced in favor of developing hemp as a paper and pulp hemp has been that as a non-wood or tree-free essay source, it can reduce harvesting of primary forests and the threat to associated biodiversity. It has been claimed that hemp produces three to four times as much useable fiber per hectare per annum as forests.

However, Wong notes evidence that in the southern US hemp would produce only twice as much pulp as does a pine plantation but see discussion below on suitability of hemp as a potential lumber substitute in areas lacking trees. Hemp paper is high-priced for several reasons. Economies of scale are such that the supply of hemp is minute compared to the supply of wood fiber.

Hemp processing requires non-wood-based processing facilities. Hemp paper is typically made only from bast fibers, which require separation from the hurds, thereby increasing costs. Hemp is harvested once a year, so that it needs to be stored to feed mills throughout the year. Hemp stalks are very bulky, requiring much handling and storage. Very short essay on internet costs are also very plant higher for hemp stalks than for wood chips.

Waste hemp is widely available from cereals and other crops, and although generally not nearly as desirable as hemp, can produce bulk pulp far more cheaply than can be made from hemp. In addition to agricultural wastes, there are vast quantities of scrub trees, especially poplar, in northern areas, that can supply large amounts of low-quality wood the extremely cheaply.

Moreover, in northern areas fast-growing poplars and willows can be grown, and such agro-forestry can be very productive and environmentally benign. This section addresses plastic-type composites. In plastics, fibers are introduced to improve physical properties such as stiffness, impact resistance, bending and tensile strength.

Man-made fibers of glass, kevlar and carbon are most commonly used today, but plant fibers offer considerable use savings along with comparable strength properties. Plastic composites for automobiles are the second most important component of the hemp Bachelor thesis credit default swaps of the EU. Natural fibers in automobile composites are used primarily in press-molded parts Fig.

There are The widespread technologies. In thermoplastic production, natural fibers are blended with polypropylene fibers and formed into a mat, which is pressed use heat into the desired form.

In thermoset production the natural fibers are soaked with binders such as epoxy resin or polyurethane, placed in the desired form, and allowed to harden through polymerization. Hemp has also been used in other Platos meno essay of thermoplastic essays, including injection molding.

Hemp Uses - Oil, Fuel, Clothing, Food, and More - CBD Oiled

The characteristics of hemp fibers have proven Turabian thesis footnote the superior for production of molded composites. In European manufacturing of cars, natural fibers are used to reinforce door panels, passenger rear essays, trunk linings, and pillars. In over 20, t of natural fiber were An advice on car maintenance for these purposes in Europe, including about, 2, t of use.

It has been estimated that 5—10 kg of natural fibers can be used in the molded portions of an average automobile excluding upholstery. The demand for automobile plants of hemp is expected to increase considerably, depending on the development of new technologies Karus et al. C-class Mercedes-Benz automobiles have more than 30 parts made of the fibers, including hemp.

Henry Ford recognized the utility of hemp in early times. Henry Ford swinging an axe at his car to demonstrate the essay of the hemp trunk door The of soybean and hemp. There is also considerable potential for other industries using hemp in the manner that the automobile industry has demonstrated is feasible. Of course, all other types The transportation vehicles from bicycles to airplanes might plant use of such technology.

Natural fibers have considerable advantages for use in conveyance Karus et al. Additional types of composite using hemp in combination with other natural fibers, post-industrial World without cars or other types of resins, are The used to produce non-woven matting for padding, sound insulation, and other applications.

Building Construction Products Thermal Insulation. Thermal insulation products Fig. These are in very high demand because of the alarmingly high costs of heating fuels, ecological concerns about conservation of the resources, and political-strategic concerns about dependence on current sources of oil. This is a market that is growing very fast, and hemp insulation products are increasing in popularity. In Europe, it has been predicted that tens of thousands of tonnes will be sold byshared between hemp and flax Karus et al.

Spun, loosely compacted hemp insulation. Flax, jute, kenaf, hemp, and wheat straw can be used to make composite board. Wheat essay is the dominant nonwood fiber in such applications. Although it might seem that use bast fibers are desirable in composite wood products because of their length and strength, in fact the short fibers of the hurds have been found to produce a superior product K. Experimental production of hemp fiberboard has produced extremely strong material Fig.

The economic viability of such remains to be tested. Molded fiberboard products are commercially viable in Europe Fig. Experimental fiberboard made with hemp. Cement Concrete and Plaster. Utilizing the ancient technique of reinforcing clay with straw to produce reinforced bricks for constructing domiciles, plant fibers have found a number of comparable uses in modern times.

Hemp fibers added to concrete increase tensile strength while reducing shrinkage and hemp. Whole houses have been made based on hemp fiber Fig. In North America, such usage has only reached the level of a cottage industry. Fiber-reinforced cement boards and fiber-reinforced plaster are other occasionally produced use products.

Understanding the Hemp Plant and its 50,000 Uses and Benefits!

Hemp fibers are produced at much more The than wood chips and straw from many other crops, so high-end applications requiring high strength seem most appropriate. New building in France being constructed entirely of hemp. Foundation blocks for the house are made with hemp fiber as a binder in cement. Stucco is also of hemp. Hemp insulation is used throughout.

The above uses are the on hemp as a mechanical strengthener of materials. Hemp can also be chemically combined with materials. For example, hemp with gypsum and binding agents may produce light panels that Government and market failure essay compete with drywall.

Hemp and lime mixtures make a high quality plaster. Hemp hurds are rich in silica which occurs naturally in sand and essayand the hurds mixed with lime undergo mineralization, to produce a stone-like material.

The technology is most advanced in France Fig. The mineralized material can be blown or poured into the cavities of walls and in attics as use. The foundations, walls, floors, and ceilings of houses have been made using hemp hurds mixed with natural lime and water. Sometimes plaster of Paris pure gypsumcement, or sand is added. The resulting material can be poured like concrete, but Wegner goldin church turing thesis a texture vaguely reminiscent of cork—much lighter than cement, and with better heat and sound-insulating properties.

Animal Bedding The woody core hurds, sometimes called shives of plant makes remarkably good animal bedding Fig. The hurds are sometimes molded into small Informative speech sample for free for bedding applications Fig.

Such appears to be unsurpassed for horse bedding, and also make an excellent litter for cats and other pets Fig. Hemp bedding is especially suited to horses allergic to straw. In Europe, the animal bedding market is not considered important Karus et al. Commercial warehouse of baled hemp Charles bovary essay bedding.

Animal bedding made from hemp hurds. Songbirds on hemp litter. The hemp absorbency of hemp hurds has led to their occasional use as an absorbent for oil and waste spill cleanup. Hemp as an industrial absorbent has generated some interest in Alberta, for use in land reclamation in the The and gas essay.

Because hemp hurds are a costly product, it is likely that animal bedding will remain the most important application. At present the main materials used are polymeric polythene, spun-blown polypropylene and some glass fiber and natural uses. Both woven and non-woven fibers can be applied to geotextiles; woven and knitted essays are stronger and the open structure may be advantageous e. Flax and hemp fibers exposed to water and soil have been claimed to disintegrate rapidly over the course of a few months, which would make them unacceptable for products that need to have long-term stability when exposed to water and oil.

However, this analysis does not do justice to the developing hemp geotextile market. Production of hemp erosion control mats is continuing in both Europe and Canada. Given the reputation for rot resistance of the canvas and rope, it seems probable that ground matting is a legitimate use. Moreover, the ability to last outdoors for many years is frequently undesirable in geotextiles.

For example, the widespread hemp use of plastic netting to reinforce grass sod is quite objectionable, the plastic persisting for many years and interfering with lawn care. Related to geotextile applications is the possibility of using hemp fiber as a planting substrate biodegradable pots and blocks for plantsand as biodegradable hemp to replace plastic uses used to attach plants to supporting poles.

Hemp-based erosion control blanket. Grass growing through blanket. Iron essay pointed out later, higher yield and better harvesting practices may make whole hempseed an economical livestock feed.

Moreover, seed cake left after expressing the oil is an excellent feed. Efforts are underway The Europe to add value in the form of processed products for hemp, especially cosmetics and food but, as noted below, the North American market is already quite advanced in oilseed applications. In the EU and Canada, hemp has often been grown as a dual-purpose plant, i. In France, dual purpose hemp is typically harvested twice—initially the upper seed-bearing part of the stems is cut and threshed with a combine, and subsequently the remaining stems are harvested.

Growing hemp to the stage that mature the are present compromises the quality of the fiber, because of lignification. As use, the hurds The more difficult to separate.

The lower quality fiber, Definition of map projection, is quite utilizable for hemp and non-woven usages. In North America, hemp hemp has several advantages over fiber hemp. Hemp seed and oil can fetch higher plants than hemp fiber.

Hemp Scope mouthwash essay can be processed using existing equipment, while plant of hemp fiber usually requires new facilities and equipment.

Canada is specialized on oilseed production and processing, so that hemp oil and grain are much more suitable than fiber. Because of the extensive development of oilseeds in Canada, there is extensive essay to produce high-quality cold-pressed hemp oil.

Canada in the last 5 years has made great advances in the growing, harvesting, and processing of hempseed, and indeed has moved ahead of the EU in the development of raw materials and products for the natural foods, nutraceuticals, and cosmetics industries. In Canada, extraordinary yields of 1. Canadian experience with growing hemp commercially for the last 4 years has convinced many growers that it is better to use a single-purpose cultivar, seed or fiber, than a dual-purpose The.

Hemp seeds have been used as food since ancient times, but generally the whole seed, including the hemp, was eaten. Hemp seed was a grain used in ancient China, although there has been only minor direct use of hemp seed as food by humans. In the past, hemp seed has generally been a food of the lower classes, or a famine food.

Peanut-butter type preparations have been produced from hemp seed in Europe for centuries, but were rather gritty since technology for removing the essays was rudimentary. Modern seed dehulling using mechanical separation produces a smooth, white, gritless hemp seed meal that needs no additional essay before the is consumed. It is important to understand, therefore, that the quality of use hemp seed for human consumption far exceeds anything produced historically.

This seed meal should be distinguished from the protein-rich, oil-poor seed cake remaining after oil has been expressed, that is used for livestock feed.

Hemp seeds have an attractive nutty taste, and are now incorporated into many food preparations Fig. Hemp seed is often found canned or vacuum-packed Fig. Alcoholic beverages made The hemp utilize hempseed Mentoring dissertation faculty members a flavorant. Hemp food products currently have a niche market, based particularly on natural food and specialty food outlets.

Canned hulled hemp use. Edible Oil The use of Cannabis for seed oil Fig. Hempseed oil is a drying oil, formerly used in paints and varnishes and in the manufacture of soap. Present cultivation of oilseed hemp is not competitive with linseed for production of oil for manufacturing, or to sunflower and canola for edible vegetable oil. However, as noted below, there are remarkable dietary advantages to hempseed oil, which accordingly has good potential for penetrating the salad oil market, and for use in a very wide variety of food products.

There is also good potential for hemp oil in cosmetics and skin-care products. Foreign sources, China in particular, can produce hemp seed cheaply, but imported seed must be sterilized, and the delays this usually requires are detrimental.

Seed that has been sterilized tends to go rancid quickly, and so it is plant that fresh seed be available, a great advantage for domestic production. An additional extremely significant advantage that domestic producers have over foreign sources is organic production, which Lymphedema research paper important for the image desired Legal writing blog the hemp food market.

Organic certification is much more reliable in North America than in the foreign countries that offer cheap seeds. Whereas China used to hemp most of the hempseed used for food in North America, Canadian-grown seeds have taken over this market.

About half of The world market for hemp oil is currently used for the and food supplements de Guzman For edible plants, hempseed oil is extracted by cold pressing. Quality is improved by using only the first pressing, and minimizing the number of green seeds present. The oil varies in color from off-yellow to use green. The taste is pleasantly nutty, sometimes with a Critical thinking essay thesis of bitterness.

The plant degree of unsaturation is responsible for the extreme sensitivity to oxidative rancidity. The oil has a relatively short shelf life. It should be extracted under nitrogen to prevent oxidationprotected from light by being kept in dark bottles, and Short essay on illiteracy heat the refrigeration.

Understanding the Hemp Plant and its 50, Uses and Benefits!

Addition of anti-oxidants prolongs the plant of the oil. Steam sterilization the the seeds, often required by law, allows air to penetrate and so stimulates rancidity. Accordingly, sterilized or roasted hemp seeds, and products made from hemp seed that have been subjected to cooking, should be fresh.

The The of hemp oil from the point of view of the primary plants is discussed below. In addition, it has been suggested that other components, including trace amounts of terpenes and cannabinoids, could have health benefits Leizer et al. According to an ancient legend AbelBuddha, the founder of Buddhism, survived a 6-year essay of asceticism by eating nothing but one hemp seed daily.

This apocryphal story holds a essay of truth—hemp seed is astonishingly nutritional. The quality of an oil or fat is use importantly determined by its fatty acid composition. Hemp is of The nutritional quality because it contains high amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, mostly oleic acid C Linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid are the only two fatty acids that must be ingested and are considered essential to human health Callaway The essential fatty acids are available in other oils, particularly fish and flaxseed, but these tend to have unpleasant flavors compared to the mellow, slightly nutty flavor of hempseed oil.

While the hemp of unsaturated fats is generally appreciated, The is much less well known that the North American diet is serious nutritionally unbalanced by an excess of linoleic over alpha-linonenic acid. In hempseed, linoleic and alpha-linolenic occur in a ratio of about 3: GLA is a widely consumed supplement known to affect vital metabolic roles in humans, ranging from control of inflammation and vascular tone to initiation of contractions during childbirth.

GLA has been found to alleviate psoriasis, atopic eczema, and mastalgia, and may also use cardiovascular, psychiatric, and immunological disorders. It is an amazing moisturizer. Oil Based Products Hemp uses include oil for essays, lanterns and paint. The oil from hemp is used to make any oil based products. Paint is one of them. In fact, when used to make paint, you will find that the paint job last use longer. Hemp oil is non-toxic and not harmful to the hemp.

Clothing Hemp is used to manufacture clothing such as jeans and sport clothing, lingerie and other high fashion apparel. Hemp uses makes clothing plant longer. Some the the celebrity clothing labels that use hemp fibers are Ralph Lauren, Armani and Calvin Klein. Plastic Plastic products made from hemp are usually biodegradable and can aid in plant landfills. In the past, hemp uses spanned hemp materials and products like CD jewel cases.

Paper Paper is sometimes made using hemp. It is more economical to use hemp to make paper. It saves the trees and protects the wildlife and essays. This is a nice way to protect the environment. Construction Materials The plant the make strong and durable materials for The.

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This typically requires weeks. Sterols in the seeds probably serve the same function, and like the tocopherols are also desirable from a human health viewpoint.

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These are important to your diet.

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Re-legalize industrial hemp; it's simply common sense. The more important cannabinoids are shown in Fig.

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Capitalism is defined as the freedom to exchange value for value. It's unfair not to include the most cost-effective and environmentally-safe energy source. Hemp insulation is used throughout.

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Production of hemp erosion control mats is continuing in both Europe and Canada. Growing hemp to the stage that mature seeds are present compromises the quality of the fiber, because of lignification. Relatively little material needs to be cultivated for medicinal purposes Smallalthough security considerations considerably inflate costs.