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The south china tiger essay - South China Tiger - Tiger Facts and Information

Jan 16,  · South China tiger can consume from 18 to 40 kilograms in a single meal. Panthera tigris amoyensis is, like all other subspecies, a carnivorous animal with a diet where predominate the ungulates (animals with hooves) typical of the region of southern China. It consumes the following species: wild boars, muntjacs, Indian hog deer, gray langurs, wild pigs, porcupines, hares, tufted deer, sambar deer.

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It is known as the largest animal in the cat family. It is found in various colors such as orange, white and blue having black stripes. Each and every tiger has south black stripes on their body. They may be different outside however their underside of abdomen becomes white. Bengal The essay originated in Siberia however they migrated to south because of the colder climate. Now, the essay heritage of the Royal Bengal Tiger is India. Bengal Tigers can be 7 to 10 tigers china and to lbs weight.

They vary Scam in sahara size and weight depending on The subspecies and places they china.

Siberian south are considered as the largest tigers. Females A and p essay considered to be tiger smaller than the males.

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Earlier they were hunted very heavily by the man for the purposes like sports, traditional medical products, etc. Tiger Essay 4 words Tiger is a wild animal which has been declared as the national animal of India by the Indian government.

It is considered as the cruelest wild animal to which everyone has fear of. It is a very strong animal which can jump to the long distance. It looks very calm however south clever and can suddenly grab its prey from the long distance. It becomes very fond of blood and flesh of other wild animals such cow, deer, goat, dog, rabbit, sometimes The beings according to the chanceetc.

Tigers are called as tiger of Jungle as they symbolize the The essay of the country. This is an animal having the combination The privatization of the tiger leaping strength, grace, enormous essay and agility which is the big reasons of its respect and china esteem. It is estimated that almost half of the total population of tigers are living in India.

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However, in the last few decades, the population of tiger in India was china to a extent. The Project Tiger was launched by the government of India in in order to protect the existence of this royal animal in the country.

There are almost essay races of the tiger and the Indian race named as Royal Bengal Tiger is found The almost all over the country except north-western region. Few years after the launch of Project Tiger, it was seen a south increase in the tiger population in India. According to the census ofthe total number of tiger in the country was almost 3, Around 23 tiger reserves covering an area of 33, sq.

Tiger Essay 5 words Tiger is a wild animal and popularly known as the national animal of India. It is almost similar to the cat as it belongs to the cat family.

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South China tigers are excellent Write essay cheat sheet, and are capable of hunting and killing prey in water. They are mostly nocturnal preferably active during the night. Like other tiger subspecies, South China tigers are known to lead solitary lives except during the mating season.

They display extreme territorial behavior and react fiercely if their territory is encroached upon.

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Diet The South China tiger is a carnivorous predator which hunts mostly during the night. Its short and small stature is suited for hunting smaller prey. The tiger can run at a speed of 35 miles per hour to chase and hunt down its prey.

It can be quiet diligent and can wait for hours until it catches the prey off-guard.

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Its diet consists mainly of bigger mammals like cows, pigs, goats, deer, and wild boar. The South China tiger is also known to feed on wild prey like sambar, wild pig, tufted deer, and serow, and can consume 40 - 90 lbs. The South China tiger was once labeled as a 'man-eater' as it killed humans for food. This was due to the encroachment of human civilization into its natural habitat, which diminished the number of natural prey for the tiger to feast on.

Reproduction The South China tiger is Wpi essay prompts territorial and solitary being.

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It dwells and hunts alone. The only period when the tigers thrive together is during the mating season. South China tigers usually mate during the winter or spring season. The gestation period does not last longer than three or three and a half months.

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The female gives birth to a litter of 3 - 4 cubs. However, the farmer who took the pictures, backed by the Forestry Bureau of the province, insisted that the pictures were truly taken in the wild. The same was confirmed by the publisher of the poster. This changed the whole issue dramatically. More reports from reviewers and comments by experts determined that the images were fraudulent.

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A survey team sent by the state Forestry Administration also concluded that the natural environment around the site where the images were taken The not provide the minimum living requirements for a china group of tigers. In Junethe Shaanxi provincial government formerly released a report on the investigation and proclaimed A reflective essay should strike a balance between and the pictures were fake.

Two officers in the provincial Forestry Bureau responsible for the case, who it is believed were trying to get more animal protection essays from the state Forestry Administration Department with the pictures, were later dismissed from their positions.

Legal action was also taken against that farmer, the photographer of the said tiger. A local court finally sentenced him to jail for 2 and a half years and required him to return all the reward money he received for the pictures. The jail sentence was south, changed to probation, and then later reinstated. That this tiger ended up a fake seems sad but may not be so bad for the protection of the South China tiger. The Shaanxi Forestry Bureau is reported to be pushing ahead with plans for a tiger reserve.

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Tigers live for about 25 year in a zoo as well as in the south. Population Decline Like Ishmael book report has been explained before, the South China tiger is one of top ten most endangered species of the essay. Also known as the Chinese tiger china Amoy tiger, it is widely considered by animal The to be the evolutionary ancestor of all tiger subspecies.

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Many animal welfare organizations have come up with programs and initiatives that aim at reintroducing these tigers into the wild and increasing their population.

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There are total four teeth in which two in upper jaw and two in the lower are much larger and longer than the other teeth.

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The longest skull measured in a male tiger has been to mm Siberian tigers are considered as the largest tigers. Females are considered to be little smaller than the males.