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I enjoy the challenge of drawing and painting figures and portraits direct from life.  When working from photographs I strive to keep an image alive and fresh as though I had worked directly from life.

The narrative of the person, and the moment in time, evolves during the process of drawing and painting – learning when to stop in order to maintain the feeling of freshness is key

I mainly work in a representational manner but love the freedom and possibilities that are offered by semi-abstract methods.

I tend to gravitate towards painting and printmaking, but also enjoy exploring other media.



‘Self Portrait’  Linocut 1981

‘Poised for the Night Noodle Fry’.   Acrylic & Oils on canvas. 2017  

Anna and her Noodle Bar’    Acrylics & Oils on Canvas 2017  

‘Anna and her Night View’        
Acrylics & Oils on canvas, 2017.  


These three paintings were inspired by a trip to Thailand.

I wanted to evoke the strength and determination of this hardworking woman and the difficulties she faced working alone at night, in the urban, industrial sprawl of the busy road that runs southwards from Bangkok.


I ran Portrait and Life Drawing classes in Cornwall for five years; this gave me the opportunity to work from life regularly.  

Examples of figure and portrait work from life:

‘Chris in Lockdown’ Acrylics on canvas 2020

Figure on black card’. 2008.    Oils on card.  

Working fast in a 3 hour session to get enough information down to visually communicate the flesh tones and create form in space

Sketch in conte   2007

‘Poppy in a Straw Hat’    Two portrait oil paint sketches, 2007

‘Profile study’  2007


I love to develop my drawings and paintings into print; lino and dry point.

‘Blues Player’  Linocut, 2005

‘Bucolic Bliss?’  2019 Reduction Linocut

Living on a farm provides plenty of inspiration!

‘Bull dozing’  2019

Dry Point etching

I did my degree in Fine Art at Hornsey Art College, North London (1982), where I worked in a wide variety of media. 

I moved to Lincolnshire in 2011 and began teaching at Lincoln College in 2012; A’ Level Art and Level 3 National Diploma in Art, as well as teaching adults. 

Teaching has limited my time as a practising artist, but I did gain valuable knowledge and experience which has enriched my life and art practice.


Lincolnshire Exhibitions have participated in:

  • ‘Strange Convergences’ (5 Artists, Private Studio), Market Rasen. 2017
  • ‘INPRINT – National Printmaking Biennale’ (Group show) 2017. KAG Gallery, Hull.    
  • ‘Across the Seas’, (Group show) Sam Scorer Gallery, Lincoln. 2018
  • ‘The Lincolnshire Coast’, (Group Show) North Sea Observatory. 2019


Website in process of being developed.  

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