Welcome to our Spring Show.

The Society is delighted to be back at Doddington, with it’s wonderful setting and warm welcome.   This is to be our major exhibition this year and it promises to be an exciting one.

Here are some images of artwork which will be displayed

in the Stables Gallery, Doddington Hall & Gardens.


Open 10 am – 4 pm daily 

Saturday 13th May until Monday 29th May


Admission free


J. Richardson – Brighter Days
L. Brown – Bluebell Woods
K Devereux – Larch Grove
K. Kaye – Dans le Salon
G. Matthews – Abyssalit
P. Bowman – Gilly’s Garden
R. Rogers – Kirkby Lane
A. Lindsley – Moving on
K. Devereux – Ancient Lights
T. Smith – Summer Madness
M. Reynolds – Braided
J. Stead – Fair Shire
R.Baxter – In the bleak midwinter
T. Smith – Fieldwalk 2
L. Baker – Garden wall platter
A. Stoker – A hot afternoon
C. Gilliatt – Beautiful
G. Matthews – Versality
K. Hobden – Sutton to a tee
K. Kaye – Aloe Vera
A. Lindsley – Water’s Edge
J. Kok – Twins
M. Perridge – Love in the Mist
R. Vashak – Bowl
L. Lovitt – Abstract 2
M.Hammad – Remembrance for Claire
D.Angove – Self Portrait
B. Trotter – Golden Horse
M. A. Addison – Crabbed Age
J. Richardson – Quaich
L. Lovitt – Abstract 1
J. Wright – Shining through
L. Andrew – Sedge Warbler
R. Machan – Menace
K. Christensen – Covent Garden
K. Roper – Rymac
R. Baxter – Snow on Snow
A. Abbey – Fish Dock
E. Marshall – Sitting by the Pond
L. Brown – Autumn Walk
E. Marshall – Spring
D. Morris – Wash
M. Moyers – Hemingby
J. McCaughern – The space between
A. Wood – Coastal Walking
A. Kemp – Mystica
L. Tank – Rescue Me
L. Dabrowski – Strange mirrors
P. Johnston – Coming rain
S. Kheng – Here Are
C. Baxendale – Roses
A. Wood – Discovering
D. Hawthorne – Wolds
J. Lewis – Glyphs
D. Hawthorne – Flooded
M.A. Addison – Youth
R. Vashak – Houses at L’Estaque
M. West – Profit trumps desire
P. Bowman – Kimono
J. Cox – In Flight
D. Morris – Bridge
K. Christensen – Pillars
A. Abbey – Prospect of Whitby
G. Beale – Dance
S. Cook – Sedimentary

C. Baxendale – Roses
L. Holliday – Kites
E. Marshall – Spring

J. Cox – Days of Glory
N. Tearle – A passing storm
A. Eley – Deep Water
G. Tointon – Woodpecker
V. Ganley – Harmony
R. Ashworth- Jerem – Sunflowers
A. Eley – Who’s Paddling
J. Wright – Waiting for Spring
S. Ponyiczski – Campfire
B. Nel – Sourdough Rise
R. Devereux – The Dream Will Open 2
S. Thompson – Time to think
L. Graydon – St Andrews
S. Kheng – Seagulls
J. Margetts – Pier
M. Hammad – Remembrance for Claire
S. Cook – Metamorphic
H. Cawthorne – A Moment
D. Phillips – Szilvia the Dreamcatcher
H. Stylianides – Hollow
S. Stevens – Cow Parsley
K. Kaye – Aloe Vera
M. Reynolds – Baybar
D. Hawthorne – Flooded
B. Rontree – Troposphere
V. Ganley – Swaledale Sheep
H. Cawthorne – A moment
N. Tearle – Passing Storm
W. Dabrowska – Bravo
G. Vines – Yorkshire Walk

S. Ponyiczski – Trapped in Eden 1
S. Watson – Highland Bracken

H Kenyon – Better than that


J. Hammerton – Untitled 1
L. Holliday – Kites
R. Ashworth-Jerem – Cathedral Light
M. Jackson – Fenland flowers
C. Gilliatt – Summer