Membership Selection

The Folio Selection Committee usually meets each year (except no selections will take place in 2024).

Provisional bookings for selection will resume from September 2024 for the Folio Selection meeting in 2025.

There is now a submission fee of £ 25 for applying, whether successful or not.   This will be charged when confirming a definite wish to apply usually prior to the Selection meeting.  



Portfolio Guidelines

Applications for membership will be considered on the basis of the work submitted.

Applicants may include an Artist’s Statement if they feel that there are aspects of their approach or their use of medium which they particularly want to emphasise.

They may also include sketch books or working notes where they feel these help to show how their final work develops.

 Applications may be in any medium.

4-6 pieces of finished work.

2-4 of the pieces should be framed or presented as you would present for an exhibition. Failure to do this may preclude your work from assessment.

Artists may also submit a C.V.  However it must be emphasised that this will not form part of the application and will not be taken into account by the Selection Committee in making a decision. It is intended only to help the Committee understand the background of artists once a selection decision has been made.

The Selection Committee look to see if the work is technically assured, demonstrates confidence in the way the chosen medium has been used and if the work offers distinctiveness and originality.

3D Work

Small pieces of 3D may accompany the portfolio submission or, if too difficult to transport, we suggest that the original
submission be in the form of photographs with accompanying drawings or maquettes.

Submission Procedure

Portfolio and work should be delivered to the venue (varies) at 10am on the viewing date and collected on the same day between 1 and 2pm. Delivery and collection will be the responsibility of the Candidate.  The day may be split into two sessions for a large number of applicants.

The portfolio and all contents must be adequately labelled with name, telephone number, email and postal addresses.

Insurance for any loss or damage must be the Candidates responsibility.

Candidates will be notified of the result by email or post as soon as possible afterwards.

Next Available Date

If you wish to apply for inclusion in the next available selection for January 2023 please contact the Membership Secretary.   Provisional bookings may be taken until 1st December 2022.

Current Membership Secretary

Lyn Lovitt




Lincolnshire Artists
Since 1906