Janice Kok – M.A. Fine Art.




My practice has evolved over nearly 20 years,

from figurative and narrative to abstraction and back again, encompassing both 2D and 3D works.   

The formal issues of colour and composition have always been my cornerstones.


Life drawing is a constant discipline.

Harmony between colour and form are important to me.   

Narrative:-   Book titles, coincidences and plays have inspired many narrative paintings.

Abstraction:-    My work is primarily subject-led…occasionally during the process of making, it can change into an abstracted hybrid piece.

Elements of chance and intuition can alter an outcome.

My paintings are essentially decorative, exploring the relationship of colour and repetition; the interaction of form against form and colour area against colour area.   

Issues/3D :-

The language of painting cannot always interpret an idea successfully.

3D works include…

Consumerism using discarded toys.

Refugee status using an embellished poem by Emma Lazarus from the Statue of Liberty.

Renewable Energy using a globe and electric plugs.

Suffrage using a ballot box.


Using my rejected ‘cut-up’ works…

Still Life:-

I am currently working with still life composition, having always been intrigued by decorative object art. 


My work is often produced with spontaneity and energy, drawing and colour being the most powerful elements.

I use oils and acrylics of excellent quality and lightfastness.   

I have exhibited widely in the Midlands and London in both solo and group exhibitions.

My art heroes include Matisse, Ayers, Irwin, Rae, Heron and Kandinsky.


I sell Prints, Coasters and Greetings Cards.

Click on Janice’s website link…  www.janicekok.co.uk