I trained in Grimsby, Newcastle and Goldsmiths.

M A  Addison.


As a cartoonist I’m Twink Addison and as a painter I’m M A Addison.




Here is a poster for my solo show during July in the Louth Riverhead Theatre Gallery….




As a painter I’m very interested in faces, and am currently trying to find the mood in a glance.


There is an affinity between both methods of working in that they try to get to the bare bones of an idea and show it as simply as possible, hopefully without the burden of too many words.

Upcoming Event….

I shall be having an Exhibition of some paintings at Gunby Hall.

Here is a poster with details.



As well as story pages I was formerly a regular cartoon contributor to The Oldie, and more recently to Private Eye.

I shall be exhibiting my work in May 2019 in the Garden Gallery at Gunby Hall, Lincolnshire.

also… I will have my pictures on show in July 2019 in the Riverhead Gallery at the Riverhead Theatre in Louth, Lincolnshire.