Welcome to my Wild at Heart Studio where I make my paintings…

I love working with oils.   The process of moving paint around is, for me, an exciting occupation.   

My technique is one of creation-destruction-creation as I gradually tease out a finished piece of work.   Often a painting will evolve into something far away from the beginning.

I use Artist Quality Oils.  Sometimes I mix them together with Cold Wax Medium.  I love the way the wax moves as I sculpt the oils with a brush or knife, squeegees and brayers.  

Making many layers and scraping back reveals colour below rather like archeology.  

The worn textured appearance is exciting.  

Cold Wax medium adds translucency and texture to the surface.  

It dries with a matte finish.  

Paintings are mostly put aside to dry before continuing with the process.  They can take many weeks to make and are finished when I feel happy with composition and colour harmony. 

It’s all in the paint.

My pictures are made from marks…

mostly spontaneous and free.  

 As I work, the shapes and colours begin 

to form ‘abstract landscapes’.  

  The re-kindling of memories comes 

from this painting process.  


Sometimes the painting is purely 

about colours and shapes…

Although there isn’t any direct reference 

to the landscape, the colours are 

around me in my garden.


I have a liking for industrial shapes too…

Skyline shapes, cranes and 

chimneys sometimes appear.

My aims….


…to be free from literal representation.


 I do not want to illustrate,


…more a celebration of feelings.

 I might describe it as a visual language of my working process.


A personal form of self expression,


 …drawing on my world.


In 2021 I began a series of acrylic paintings on paper.

They are abstracted land/seascapes with an emphasis on wild places.


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