Barrie Brown


“I started photography at the age of eleven, my first camera being a Brownie 127.

Photography at that time was relatively expensive, especially for an eleven year old. The cost of the film, plus developing and printing was more than my weekly pocket money. Each film allowed only eight exposures so every photograph had to be carefully considered to justify the expense.











I enjoy wandering freely, camera in hand, in a mindless mindfulness sort of way, relaxed and aware of my surroundings.







I take inspiration from the light, shade, shadows, and reflections.









I also gain inspiration from visiting other countries, by their culture, their ancient winding streets, interesting architecture and local people going about their daily lives.

I tend to see the world through the lens of my camera and enjoy creating artwork from what I see …whatever captures my imagination, and what I like … “



Below..two of my photographs on display in the Stables Gallery at Doddington Hall in the LAS Exhibition 2019.