I studied Fine Art at Cambridge and Sheffield where I attended Psalter Lane Art College.

I lived in Sheffield for about twenty years where I was a member of Yorkshire Artspace and rented a studio at the Leadmill.


I moved to Lincolnshire about twenty years ago and I rediscovered, having grown up in the Cambridgeshire Fens, big big skies.



I work mainly in oils which has been my life long favourite medium although I also use watercolour, pen and Ink and occasionally black and white photography.



Predominantly, I paint landscapes inspired by the energy in clouds, light, space and silence, although recurring themes also include trees and forests and a sense of claustrophobia. 

Approaching, looking in an impenetrable forest and leaving, coming out of the trees into the light.

I work quite quickly, enjoying the process of making marks and moving colour.  The surprises it presents often suggests and creates an atmosphere of its own.

I never labour too long and often work sponaneously.