Andrew Taylor





I’ve drawn ever since I can remember, from copying the art of Marvel comics or Disney cartoons as a child to eventually studying Fine Art at Lincoln University as a mature student.

Drawing has led me a long way and in some ways shaped my life..






My recent work reflects a reconnection with nature following a lengthy period of mental illness.   Subject matter is found in the natural world and usually involves trees, however I have lately begun to include abandoned architecture which I sometimes come across on my travels.

  I especially enjoy the contrast offered by organic growth and crumbling architecture.



I work mostly in watercolour, each painting being an effort to exploit watercolour’s freshness, luminosity and spontaneity.

Sometimes I have success and sometimes I don’t, but I nearly always enjoy the journey.




Finished work is often a result of sketches, photographic material, memory and invention.

Making art helps me make sense of the world I see around me.



I am currently showing my work at Gallery St Martins, Lincoln

from 13 – 18 October 2020