Sally Kheng…

 My inspiration is the Lincolnshire landscape.    I paint in watercolour with the addition of silk, textiles, threads, text and stitch.   Bright colours are my passion with dramatic perspective and bold lines.    I also paint with acrylic on canvas using my watercolour work as my reference.

Paint marks tell my secret, I see the landscape in vivid shades and I want to share my rose tinted glasses with the viewer.

I first depict the view in sketchy scribbles of pen lines then I reawaken my drawings in watercolour, fabric, stitch and threads.

My paintings are versions of merging landscape, light and abstraction.    In my vision I want lines and geometric shapes to intersect, layer together and create a sense of distance and depth.    Although the brush and stitch marks are considered I also allow the paint and sewing machine to react to movement and see what can be shaped by chance.   I love the difficult challenge of electing what NOT to paint.

Recently I have had my first book printed, ‘BOLD ART’ the story of my art journey, from college to now and how I finally, after lots of experimenting, found my own style of painting.

“My art keeps me awake at night!   I think of new ideas then have to get up and draw them…it has been like this since I was young and I have always kept sketch books with me to capture a moment.”

I also work in 3D, creating scenes inside recycled found objects where the viewer can discover for themselves a hidden story and a miniature world within.


If you would like to visit my website, click on the link below…