Hannah Cawthorne…

I am an eclectic semi-figurative to fully abstract painter working in acrylic and increasingly with collage materials.    

My work uses highly saturated colour to represent strong emotions and the  intensity of the inner life of the mind.

I have been making art since I was a young child, but in recent years I have finally got my dream studio at home and my art has entered its most inspired phase so far. 

These days I am primarily a painter – usually working in acrylic on canvas and board.   In the past I did a lot of abstract photography as well, and lately my new favourite medium is collage.

I am quite an eclectic artist, but a love of colour and texture is one thing that seems to run across all the work I do.    

I am inspired by many, many things – constantly looking closely at the world around me and using what I see as a basis for my work, but more than anything the theme that unites all my work is the inner life of the mind and the imagination.

My work can have a dreamlike quality to it, or can be inspired purely by an emotion rather than anything concrete.

I am also really interested in ideas of the sub-conscious and in things that happen intuitively rather than in a planned-out way.

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