Sharon Sycamore-Batty…

Sharon is an emerging local artist who only started painting again in 2018 after a long break away from art and more recently in the last 12 months has been concentrating on developing her abstract work based on contemporary design principles and processes.

This includes the use of unconventional tools, saturated and unsaturated bold colourpalettes, creative application of shape & line, and inclusion of texture to convey high impact.

Her overall vision is to create original and authentic statement pieces of artwork which the viewer is pleased by in terms of the use of composition supplemented by subtle values, exciting shape, vibrant colour and thought-provoking contrast.

Sharon says… “my latest work was created as a result of the recent global pandemic lockdowns where I have immersed myself in learning about new techniques in order to develop my own unique style.  The new techniques I have developed include ‘process’ painting methods (free, expressive and intuitive mark-making) and layering whereby I use the flow of marks as an expression of emotion and this is a thread I use throughout my work to create an element of drama and movement”.

“I would like my audience to be able to relate to my artwork and for it to produce some form of reaction.  I have therefore, created new and authentic work which I hope the viewer will be intrigued by and drawn to because of its originality”.


Having recently reignited her creative interest, Sharon is now looking forward to her next big adventure as a contemporary artist and new member of the LAS.  

Sharon’s artwork will be in a solo show in 2021…