Jane Cowan…

My background is in sculpture conservation and as a young employee at Lincoln Cathedral in the 1990s I quickly found an affinity between the material of stone, my love of drawing and my training in meticulous detail, leading me to learn to carve stone, and in particular, lettercutting.


Working graphically, often in found, reclaimed and salvaged British stones and slates, I make unique, beautiful and sometimes functional objects for inside and out.

A triskelion carved on a piece of found Cumbrian slate

Portland stone poppy on oak base

Bowls carved from reclaimed Lincoln limestone

Celebrating a love of nature and words, the simple beauty of material and the history of the craft of carving, my work provides a connection to our landscape through the material, local flora and fauna and language.

Snowdrop candle holder in salvaged Welsh slate

Double sided candle holder with the words

‘twilight’ and ‘gloaming’

I celebrate the craft of the process as much as the finished object, and enjoy the challenge of sensitively capturing a flower, a bird or an epigraph in a hard, unyielding and enduring material.

Circular memorial carved from Yorkstone

Feather carved onto red pebble found on Arran

         Joy, hare and avocet pebble carvings

Ammonite memorial carved in Portland stone

‘Be Kind’

monolith carved from Cumbrian slate feature stone

Gilded pebble trinket bowl/candleholder


Memorial to a cat called Godfrey in Welsh slate