I was trained in photography, film & TV at London’s LCP in the mid 70s.  Things have changed more than a bit since then!

Mostly I worked in higher ed.    On retirement I’ve gone back to media art alongside an interest in textile/fibre arts which goes back to my childhood.

Hobden at Sutton

I work mainly in photography where I use the name/brand “Hobden”.

In other media I go by the name “Dave Kenyon”. Some records of my varied work can be seen on my website.


That site hosts many, many of my more recent images. Generally these are of 3 types. Either ‘Neo-pictorialist’ -photos to make pictures rather than record events; or ‘Semi-surrealist’ photos which juxtapose mildly odd elements.

The Bridge To Knowledge

Winter Colour

Sutton To A Tee

After Friedlander

Fauxble Unnumbered

Every Good Boy

Life Art & Observance

Arborial Art


Then there are ‘Extreme Abstracts’.  These are purposely constructed shots, framed and distorted so that what was in front of the camera at the time is not of significance.

What patterns, tones, sectors and dynamics the picture presents to the viewer is actually the issue.

I create these images in-camera with additional colour and sharpness manipulation.



Fear & Flying

Nature Architecture

Purposeful Abstract


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