Reflections Exhibition by the Lincolnshire Artists’ Society at the Stable Yard Gallery,  Doddington Hall & Gardens LN6 4RU
Lincolnshire Artists Society is delighted to return to the beautiful and welcoming environment of Doddington Hall’s Stable Yard Gallery. This is to be our first show of the year, which opens to the on 29th March, and it is fitting that it coincides with spring. The season which marks renewal and rejuvenation. What better way to celebrate it than with a display of creative endeavour!
The sub-title of ‘Reflections’ for the exhibition is not a prescribed theme for our members, but rather an invitation to consider something common to much of our output. All artistic work involves an element of rich, inner, thoughtful process. We spend time musing on our subject matter and how we might bring it into the light.
People often ask artists about their decision making and choices. We hope that visitors will find themselves reflecting personally as they move around the gallery space. The viewer is as important as the maker. Well executed art can prompt many thoughts and feelings. Sometimes it even promotes action of a sort. With this in mind, included works not only involve actual reflections, but also contrasting compositions and forms that present internal contemplation about our world and ourselves.
One of the positive elements of large group shows is the potential to show-case a breadth of ideas, visual resolution and technical management of media and materials. Visitors will find a range artworks in both two and three dimensional formats.
We very hope hope that people find food for thought.
29 March to 14 April open daily 10am-4pm Free Entry